A fun, interactive and practical course. It develops a range of skills and attributes that enhance learning ability, develop creative thinking and personal confidence. Students will experience a wide range of different styles of puppets, and discover the history of puppetry. The main focus will be hand, rod and shadow puppets. They will find out many tricks of the trade. All students will be expected to make, characterise and manipulate their own puppets, and may also work with professionally made puppets. They will also develop and create short puppet performances. Basic materials are provided. Students will learn how to use recycled materials as well as household items in puppetmaking. Students will present their work to their peers, experiment and try out new skills in a safe and supportive environment. Elements of history and culture of the art form are fully integrated into the course. Explanation, demonstration or exploration of historical or cultural elements will be included as a natural part of the course. They will be involved in individual, small group and whole class practical work, group presentations, analysis and evaluation of their own, and others’ work. The basic course unit is five two-hour sessions, but this may be extended in multiples of five, giving a greater depth and range of training.

  • To develop positive group work skills, to be developed throughout the programme.
  • To develop self-confidence, a strong creative verbal and physical vocabulary, imaginative thinking.
  • To develop individual puppetry skills, including puppet manipulation, voice (projection and expression) using scripted and improvised drama, current and historical literature and storytelling and backstage arts.
  • To develop and enhance understanding of the creative art form of puppetry, and the process of drama.
  • To explore and develop puppet making skills.

Art Form: Theatre – Arts Experience Language: English Length of programme: 5 sessions at 1-2 hours (Flexible according to the school’s curriculum) Target Audience: Primary, Secondary, JC, ITE, Special Education School

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