Sing to the Dawn

5th to 19th March 2012
Drama Centre Theatre
Written by Ho Minfong
Adapted & Directed By Brian Seward
Music by Bang Wenfu
Recommended for everyone aged 6 to 106
Duration – 100 minutes plus 15 minutes interval

Kampung life, drama and song meet in this classic and timeless story of a girl and her fight for justice, against the odds.

In a small village in the heart of Southeast Asia, Dawan competes with her brother Kwai for the coveted single scholarship for the City High School. Kwai just wants to further his own ambitions, but Dawan has bigger dreams in mind. When Dawan wins, she becomes the object of her father’s anger and frustration, and her brother’s bitter enemy.

Confronted with an impossible decision, Dawan must find the strength and determination to do the right thing, sometimes against the advice of her elders and peers.

I Theatre is proud to present this outstanding international award-winning Asian text as a brand new and full scale Broadway Musical for all ages.

You may well have read and studied Sing to the Dawn at school.

Now, faithfully following the original story, we bring the text to vibrant, exciting life with catchy songs, colourful costumes and amazing sets. Journey with Dawan as we explore themes close to the heart of many in Singapore – how do we stand up for what we believe in, and how can we achieve our dream, against the odds?


SING TO THE DAWN Copyright © 1975 by Ho Minfong