Rainbow Fish
DRAMA CENTRE THEATRE 26 April to 15 May 2016

The Rainbow Fish makes the ultimate comeback on stage at The Drama Centre Theatre after a 5-year absence. Based on Marcus Pfister’s award-winning storybook, it is one of I Theatre’s most groundbreaking plays for the whole family, and it returns as part of the theatre company’s 15th Anniversary season special. On its comeback, Artistic Director Brian Seward, was quoted “I Theatre’s Rainbow Fish has been staged SEVEN times and still we have so many requests to bring it back. It has travelled all over the world, including India, USA, Australia and United Kingdom. For its current incarnation, we have completely refreshed and re-worked the storyline and developed it as a showcase for our talents honed over the years.”
Whether you’re re-living nostalgia of the very first Rainbow Fish or catching it for the first time, we promise you a brand new bright, shiny, cute and articulate musical extravaganza!


A long way out in the deep blue sea swims a shoal of the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean. Their scales are every shade of blue, green or purple, and ONE has a sparking silver scale…

Meet proud and pretty Rainbow Fish, and her friends, Starfish, Small Blue, Big Violet and Little Green.

Based on Marcus Pfister’s award winning storybook, I Theatre is again proud to present this marvellous hit musical for the whole family in Singapore!

Rainbow Fish learns some very valuable lessons about her attitude to others, some hard lessons about pride and selfishness, and some valuable truths about the power of generosity and humility…

Small Blue, Big Violet, Little Green, and newcomer Tiny Stripes all find out how teamwork helps everyone; and how gossip and rumour can cause damage to friendships!

For this brand new re-imagined production of the classic tale, we’ve created marvellously colourful puppet characters and a wonderful Black Light underwater world in a hilarious comedy for the whole family.

You’ll discover colourful characters and cute songs for the young ones, an interactive and funny script for the older ones; and very valuable lessons for all – young or old.