Learn the basics of singing, dancing and acting for a musical theatre! Students will be thrilled to experience the process of creating a full-scale theatrical presentation for their peers! We will tailor the performance to your requirements and strengths of your pupils. Choose to work with an existing script, commission a purpose written script or even develop the ideas of the pupils into a coherent presentation through group work and improvisation. Students will learn to incorporate music, dance, masks, banners, colourful costumes, puppetry into the performance.

We can customize a full package for your full scale musical which includes choreographers, musical coaches, set and costume design, layout of the stage set, costume, lighting and sound design in liaison with the school, and other contractors to create a top quality production.


  • To create a professional quality Musical Theatre performance, developing and enhancing the skills and talents of the participating students.
  • To develop positive group work skills, which will be introduced and developed throughout the programme.
  • To develop self-confidence, a strong creative verbal and physical vocabulary, imaginative thinking.
  • To develop and enhance an understanding of the creative art form of theatre, and the process of drama.
  • To develop stagecraft skills, including acting. Depending on the length of the course, and specific modules chosen by the school, students will have opportunities to study mime, physical theatre, voice (projection and expression) singing for musicals, dance for musical theatre, scripted and improvised drama,
Art Form: Theatre – Arts Experience
Language: English
Length of programme: 10 to 25 sessions at 2–3 hours/session
Target Audience: Upper Pri – Upper Sec – JC/ITE/Polys

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