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LGFAbout the play

Played from 1 to 20 September 2009 at Drama Centre Black Box, Singapore

Duration: 55 minutes

Written by Brian Seward

Directed by Candice de Rozario

Music: Bang Wenfu

Actor/puppeteers: Josephine Tan, Daphne Ong, Gemia Foo

Musicians: Julian Wong, Feri Susanto

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Story Synopsis

A long, long, LONG, LONG time ago, there lived a mama frog and her son Little Green Frog.
Little Green Frog was very defiant of his mother and didn’t listen to her, which greatly hurt her feelings.
Whatever Mama Frog would say, Little Green Frog would do exactly the opposite.

Her deep sighs shook the trees and her tears would drop into the nearby stream.
Little Green Frog didn’t care; he laughed, and said to himself, “Nobody can tell me what to do. I will do whatever I want, my way. If you tell me to do one way, I will surely do the opposite.”

But one day, Little Green Frog gets a very big shock, and realises that maybe his Mama was right all along… but is it too late?

A wonderful story, using puppetry, music and fun to help us realise that wise words are worth listening to!

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Cast and Crew
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Production Photos

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