Enchanting and magical stories from once upon a time…

The first edition of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s collection of classic tales was published just 201 years ago. It contains 201 legends, novels and folk stories that have successfully fed the imaginations of generations of people, young and old.

With every generation there is a re-telling and reinvention of these classic tales, and whilst the details may change slightly, the underlying morals remain, good and true. The stories of Grimm’s continue to be resilient and remain popular around the world today. That is probably because the tales contain imaginative analogies for nearly every aspect of the human condition.

Now, I Theatre is very proud to bring you a classic collection of these famous tales, reinvented for Singapore 2013!

We have magically transformed the stories of Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Valiant Little Tailor and Little Red Riding Hood and others into a full-scale Broadway-standard Musical. Through energetic physical theatre, music, mask, puppetry and song, we draw you into a magical world of talking and singing beasts, princesses and servants, magic and mystery, heroes and villains.

Why watch ONE story, when you could watch seven, or maybe eight – all expertly told to make them accessible for the young, and with subtlety and subtext to capture the imaginations of the older ones.

Bringing together a VERY talented team of performers, including Dwayne Lau, Elizabeth Loh, Daphne Ong, Darren Guo, Cassandra Spykerman, Juliana Ong, Jonathan Lum, Trevelyan Neo, plus experienced and skilful composer Bang Wenfu, choreographer Cathy Kee, and award-winning set designer Yu Hsien Chia, this is THE must catch Musical of 2013.

Dates: 1 to 17 November 2013

DurationPerformances 90 minutes plus 15 minutes interval.

Most suitable for: 4 to 16 years and families

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, National Library

Creatives: Written and Directed by Brian Seward.

Music Composed and arranged by Bang Wenfu