Help sustain family theatre in Singapore

Theatre For All Fund

As one of the very few professional producing companies focusing on theatre for a family audience – usually labelled by the press as “Children’s Theatre”, we are all too aware of the current situation. Known for our originality and high-quality productions, we strive to stay at the forefront of this art form. However, producing a single original production may cost as much as $400,000. Venue rental often makes up 50% of our production costs, and our production team needs to be paid too. We have maintained ticket prices at way below the current commercial rate, to make them affordable for families and educational groups.However, this means we can no longer survive on ticket sales alone. Help us by donating today.

“If Children’s Theatre becomes subject to market forces – it will become untenable.” Conference on Children’s Theatre Arts in Asia (Hong Kong,2010)



Support Us

Children’s theatre is absolutely vital to the lifeblood of Singapore’s ever-developing Arts scene – sparking the imaginations of the young, inculcating an appreciation for top quality arts, and inspiring some to become artists of the future. You can help us continue to create wonders of imagination for our children. Any donations or sponsorship received will help us greatly.

How can you donate to I Theatre?

We actively seek donations to help us sustain our current output – and to further develop and grow. You may choose to provide financial and in-kind support. If you would like to donate through cheque send it to 27 Kerbau Road Singapore 219163. I Theatre is a registered charity (Charity No. 2090) and you can claim back your donation in tax relief. We would be happy to provide you with a letter of receipt for any sum over $50.00 if you donate directly. Otherwise, for online donations, please visit one of the following portals:           Simplygiving    




Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is one of our core pillar. Every one of our corporate sponsors becomes our production partners. If you seek an organization that helps the community, provides equal opportunites to every child as well as a well known entity in the arts industry. We are that organization.

Individual Sponsorship

If you are willing to sponsor our production, no matter what the value is, it means the world to us. Here are some of the benefits we provide in exchange for your generous support:

– Complimentary tickets to production of choice 
– Credit Mention in Programme booklets.