I Theatre’s School Courses

With more than 15 years of world-class performances in Singapore and around the world, look no further for the best school courses for your students.

You can customise our school courses to match your needs, budget, class size.

The list below are some examples of the school courses we provide.

Feel free to contact us at (+65)  6341 5960 or team(at)itheatre.org for more details.

Theatre Craft – First Stages

This Creative Drama skills course is an engaging, practical, modular programme designed for students with or without previous drama experience

Theatre Craft – Performance Skills

Designed for students with some experience of Drama and Theatre performance, this course is designed to develop professional values, and an awareness of contemporary and historical theatre forms.

The Craft of Puppetry

A fun, interactive and practical course. It develops a range of skills and attributes that enhance...

Drama Within The Curriculum

Fitting snugly within a wide range of curriculum areas, this course is designed to enhance and enrich the students’ experience of drama whilst at the same time exploring issues, supporting and developing the particular curriculum area under study.